Unofficially Yours, I Keep My Emotions a Secret

My baby fats are coming back. That means Im growing younger.Borrowed those lines from facebook. Haha. Seriously though, I think I have an eating problem. I want to eat everything I see from food stalls to the fridge in our apartment.

Im blabbing about food out of repression. I stopped myself from buying a bag of sour cream-flavored popcorn for our movie date. Theyre my favorite and I am kind of guilty for making myself suffer. But, I was still full since we just had our lunch at Focaccio. And there we were lining up with the entire portion of the Glorietta population to watch the post-Valentine movie craze, Unofficially Yours.

Anyway, Im just going to do
le bullette and Ill try not to spoil the movie for you, ok?And if I have to rate it, I have to hand over an extra star. I loved it! I am so glad that the Filipino movie industry is picking up. And that the Filipinos have grown to support our own films. Ive overheard two ladies talking that the first two days earned Php40M na. Correct me if Im wrong. Im too lazy to do my own research.

  • In pseudo relationships, either or both parties, at one point, will fall in love with the other.
  • Not all one-night stands will remain one-night stands. (No, I am not encouraging it.)
  • If she turns down coffee, theres still tea, juice and uh, yeah, ice cold water. If all else fails, then give lukewarm water a try.
  • Never fully trust your boyfriend even if you were together for decades. Always keep some reservations.
  • Youre never too old to chase after your true love. (as in dream career)
  • A man who writes about you, especially in national newspaper, is definitely a keeper! <3
  • Never tell him the words that you want him to hear or he wants to hear from you all of the time. So hell constantly thinks about what you think and about you.
  • Dont move in with him unless he gives you a unique, Patty Laurelish engagement ring, gives you your dream wedding and ask you to live with him in your dream house. Too demanding? Lol. Whatever.
  • Never leave your family and friends for the one you love. He might leave you for New York. Dont make him your entire universe.
  • Allow him to pursue his dreams even if that means youll not be physically together for years. You dont want him to nag at you your entire marriage life if things turned out bad.
  • People who are afraid to commit like Cess and Summer of 500 Days of summer must have that one painful, unforgettable relationship in the past that they hold on to and this enables them to guard their hearts.
  • It takes someone to make one happy, or forget an ugly past. Even if we admit it or not.
  • Not admitting your real emotions can sometimes fuel the fire, if you know what I mean: pakipota.k.a. todo deny. Lingering makes men do sweet and adorable stuff.
  • Its hard loving someone broken. Theyre the only ones who can help themselves. But, if you really love them, you never give up on them. You can just help them how to be whole again, even if it means you have to get yourself broken too. Then, its their turn to make you whole again.
  • Pseudo relationships, flirtationships can actually be a start of something really special.
  • For people who are afraid of commitments, love, as Cess (Angel Locsin) have pointed out in the movie, will only limit what one can do. But, they also say that love hurts. Which is kind of not true since love is one thing that could make you lust for life. Anger, sadness, deep jealousy, the urge to expect and other booyas, that come along with love, are what make us feel pain. We just sort of confuse those things with love, thus, we say that it hurts. As mayen would say, love is supposed to be a beautiful thing. 

Do I sound bitter? Broken? Modern Maria Clara? Haha. Read Why Men Love Bitches. Or, better yet, watch Unofficially Yours!

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