Love the life you live.

Live the life you love.

– Bob Marley


About ‘Love is a Mutt’


Love is a Mutt is all about every millennial’s dream — to live the life that they want to live. This space is out here to document the author’s way of achieving that dream, no matter how long and hard it takes. (Yeah, the author’s stubborn.)

She has a pretty good picture of what her dream job is. It’s a combination of roles, actually. The perfect role doesn’t really have a name and it doesn’t really exist for now.


Dream Job

★ Copywriter // Professional Blogger // Fab Momma // Artsy Entrepreneur // Financial Planner ★

Can you create a name for this job? Creative & Financial-Savvy Solopreneur? Whatevs, I’ll think about it.

But, she’s on her way of making it happen. If you don’t know yet, the author’s a self-proclaimed go-getter… on days when she’s not feeling too lazy.

The blog is here to capture her elegant glides, her muddy downfalls and everything that happens between those points.

Dream Job Creation

About the Author


Aiza C. is the quirky millennial behind this blog. Fun facts about her:

★ an engineering graduate who is practicing engineering (Her mission is not to let bad chips reach the customer)

★ writes for clients on the sides, yeah a freelance writer

★ an associate financial planner for herself and for other interested people

★ attends Techno MBA classes on Saturdays,

★ likes writing personal stuff + poetry, surfing and playing ultimate frisbee

★ likes books, tea and flavored coffee

★ a total sweetheart who wouldn’t miss to give out compliments (No, it’s not sarcasm.)

★ one of the founders of Finance Pinoy, an online financial resources for Filipinos, by Filipinos.


Why She’s Doing What She’s Doing

Well, she wants to get the freedom of being able to do the things that she likes to do. She basically doesn’t want to be limited by something. She wants to live the life!


She felt that she missed out a lot back then.


On her teenage years, a lot has happened (her dad left for heaven), her lovelife wasn’t too fab and her wallet wasn’t too fat.


She thinks that she was too sad to be awesome during that time. She missed out on her passions and she’s starting to do that today — when she already can — mentally, financially, emotionally (and all those mushy -lly stuff).


Yeah. It’s like that.


Why She’s Making a Fuss About Money + Her Personal Finance Outlook

Yes, money can’t buy you happiness, but it can…

★ Get your parents and dogs to go live with you and that’s happiness

★ Buy your mom and aunts the healthcare that they need and that’ll be a relief

★ Buy starving people food and end hunger

★ Pay for tuition and education is like important

★ Uhm, she says she can’t think anymore. She says she hopes you get the picture by the 4th bullet.

On top of this reasoning, she was kind of particular about money when her dad left for heaven. They used to be rich, or so she was told. Bottom line is she survived high school and college through scholarships. No, she didn’t lived a day where she has nothing to eat. It didn’t reach that point. But, she and her mom dealt with debts until months ago.

She realized that this isn’t the life she would wish for her future family or any other families. It’s nothing more difficult than her country’s poorest of poors, but still, it is kind of difficult.

When asked of her personal finance outlook, she says she’s an Ultimate — the one of four groups of people (which she created). Know more about the financial mood chart here.

Ultimates are supreme — they enjoy now and save/invest for the future. She wants to taste what life has to offer on the now, but not on the expense of her future. She encourages people to be on this side of the matrix.

And with this blog, she hopes she can tell you how.


P.S. Now, she hopes you know why Love is a Mutt has transitioned into a Lifestyle + Finance blog — to share with you how to take care of your finances, while living the life.