Those über feminine songs drive my stress away

Its more days until Christmas and Im still broke. Argh.

Im feeling a little mad today since I think Adalie might not be well. I am speaking about my GE x5 camera, which I named Adalie. A friend borrowed her. Have I told you that I have a hard time saying no to friends? The friend told me the screen turned pink. And that is not a good sign. I researched, being the internet freak that I am, all about the pink screen. And from what Ive read, I guess the CCD (charge coupled device) is broken. And I still dont get to see Adalie now. Im getting restless and anxious. I hope I get my camera back tomorrow.

To take my mind off this, I listened to the new songs that I have downloaded. Songs from Pretty Little Liars. I looove most of their tracks, but I managed to download only a few. Let me share these songs to you. I thought you might like them.
I still have the warranty, but I sigh when I think of the hassles and the unnecessary bills-coming-out-of-my-wallet thing. Its not my day. I hope the rest of October wouldnt be as cruel as this. Maybe next time, I wouldnt let anyone borrow my gadgets. I know they would understand.

W a r n i n g: Femme Flair Overdose. If youre a guy, you can stop here.

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