When Happiness Strikes

So, lately, I have been blogging about (a) sadness, (b) confusion, (c) regrets, (d) melancholy, (e) more synonyms please. Now, I have decided that from now on, Im going to blog about positive thoughts (though I cant promise I couldnt resist the urge to share my negativity in the future). So, yay me.

Believe me, I have finally made up my mind regarding one thing in my life and I have to acknowledge myself for being able to accept the once harsh, now normal reality. Also, I have to thank sis mayen for listening to me. I have to talk to somebody that I dont know in real life because sometimes, its from those beautiful people that we hear the things that we need to hear. (=} Thank you for listening, for talking and for not judging me. =}) And maybe because almost everybody close to my heart have warned me about it for so long that I just let the warning pass by like the wind.

Now, Im finally free and happy and at peace. Ive never been so complete. Now, my happiness completely lies on myself and well, a few other things, which I am going to enumerate in a while. Teehee. =}

  • Adalies back!  (Whos Adalie?) And I have to thank my good friend, A who reminded me to check her out. I was losing my interest in blogging and photography (echos) because my beloved camera is broken. But yesterday, when A invited me and a housemate to join him for spaghetti on their apartment, we went to check if Adalies okay. That was after hearing the mass. And we had some photoshoot in their apartment. A has Xyler, a Canon DSLR. And we played around. Im going to share the pics on my next blog posts. Im just happy my Adalie is back!
  • I had a sweet dinner last night. As in, kilig to the bones. Ehehe. It was because of the KFC Zinger Double Down. Im with my workmates and F, the one who ordered the same food, was also all smiles while eating. The taste will simply wash your sorrows away. Haha. See mi face here.
Na ah, you cant see the Zinger Double Down =P. Click here for my review.

  • My favorite Zagu never fails to make me smile, too. Black Forest! I have been ordering the same flavor for years now. Im too hesitant to try other flavors. Told you, I always dwell on things and/or people that I feel comfortable with. But maybe now is the time to try new things, aight?
  • Then, after spending some time in some music store, (where I saw one of my dream things a Grand Piano, a white one, which is around Php80,000.), we went to Booksale across it. Thats one of my favorite spots. I love it when I scan the cheap books and theres a background piano music. Hehehe. Its like I would like to freeze that moment.
  • I bought books! Yet, again. Though, I havent finished everything that I have bought, yet. Im so in love with books. Its addiction. Well, here are the ones that I have bought.
Nice cover, eh? Its one of the factors that I consider when buying a book. If the cover impresses me, Im going to read the book blurb (the summary at the back) and if its something I think Id like, Id read the first line. If the first line gets me, I go straight to the counter. And in this case, the first line intrigued me. See Read for yourself.
I bought another book because it was cheap and the pages are glossy and the colors are nice and the layout is so cute. Ehehe. Thats me, raving. Well, I wasnt supposed to buy it, but my guy friends were into it, so I bought it na lang. Look at it. I know youd shed out Php75 for this sweet find.
Err, yes, it is about aphrodisiacs. Please dont judge me. But the writing was really wholesomely delivered. And its not Kama Sutra for heavens sake. I find it informative and it talks about science and history, even language. Heres a sample page for you.
See, it has instructions on how to mix cocktails. And pardon my nail polish. I have been tidying up the house all weekend. *Ahem*, well, most of the time. Washing clothes and stuff. Anyway, you might want to visit my book blog, Bookgasm, for the book blurbs and reviews of these new books.
  • And oh, yeah. I have an hourly job at oDesk and that makes me happy since I need moolah for Christmas to buy everyone I love gifts. Yey! This is all, folks. Ima go blog somewhere else and Ima go earn some money.
Hope you had a productive and happy weekend, too!

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