Cleats, Discs and Aviators

I like filling in my summer weekends; it makes myself feel a little less boring. Summer 2012! ♥

Anyway, I shopped yesterday! After a long era of not being able to. Will share my haul tomorrow. For tonight, Id like to share another Frisbee Tournament that I have come to witness. Witness only, not experienced. We havent formed an all-women team apparently. 

Its one of those Sundays where I get to get up early. By 9.30, we were already in Alabang, picking out food that we can bring. The hotdogs and burgers in the playing area are priced higher than they are supposed to be.

Let me fill you up with the details. This tournament is called Malakas at Maganda 2012 Tournament hosted by the Philippine Ultimate Association. As the tourney name implies, there are two categories: all male and all female, and I think each has different pools or levels.

It was a little heartbreaking to watch those girls get pumped up inside the green, grassy field while I was sulking at the sides. Okay, I am exaggerating. I did have some fun under the scorching sun, screaming my lungs out, jumping up and down, and getting embarrassed of it after. Just because we failed to form a group to join the Womens Division,  we cant have our own share of adrenaline rush. Every hack, cut, block and goal of our beloved teammates were deeply accounted for by us through ear-ritating screams, childish jumps and camera clicks.

On times that we can, we would throw discs on the sidelines. Wearing these aviator shades while doing some throwing and catching made me felt cool. Haha. The thought would have been more appealing if I had worn a beach outfit. It was really hoooottt. Oooh, I so miss playing frisbee. I wish I can go out and play whenever I want to.

And some dogs have joined their masters. Ive spotted three. This one is a chihuahua and another one is Corgy. I have a picture of it, but its a bit blurry and you, especially if you are a man, would notice the skinny legs instead of the dog.
And at the end of the day, all of us were hyper and ecstatic. The Cleat Lovers won the last match against the WolfPack! Ignore the failed end zone catch attempts, you guys are still awesome. Yeah!  Getting more awesome at every game. I am such a great teammate and supporter, eh?

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