Saturday Disc Lovin

Its been a long long while since we played Ultimate Frisbee!  So, last Saturday, we just have to give in to this disc lust and off we went to Philippine Navy to re unite with our well-loved sport.
Before I begin, lemme credit J for the awesome pics.
I look sad/comfortable/constipated. Bwahaha. And the disc is nowhere in sight.
Frisbelles. We look so cute. I know. Im still applying sunblock. And oh, I forgot to give J my contri for the skin saving cream.
Action shots. Why dont I have one? Because maybe I suck?
Practice throws. Water breaks. And everything in between.
Mixed pics. We had fun. We had a pick-up game against the Ultimate Warriors and they were agile and good at the sport. Im so chicken to play with them. Haha. But I did a block and one forehand. Hahaha. Sucker. :} It was my first-ever pick up game. So, kinda cool.
And, uhm. Uhm. Cute.  These two are adorable! <3
Gotta go now. Sorry for the hasty, empty post. I am kinda busy with stuff. Were going to join the Summer League! And I need to buy my very own cleats soon. Maybe this weekend. And some shorts and long socks. Dasca Sports Center, here I come. Hope to find cheap sports items there.

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