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A few weekends ago, my long-time friend and I met.  We strive to do this once in a while. She was my high school classmate and we always go home together because the same jeepney travels in our route. And we talked about everything way back then.

So, we were thinking of having some activities planned out for our meet-up, but since were both busy, we havent planned out quite anything yet. And she is busy with her travels this year. I thought of enrolling in one of those one-day art school seminar, but it is just so effing expensive. Anyway, we just met and talked. Casual. And we enjoyed it. Still.

WARNING: Foodgasmic. I am eating a lot of food lately. Well, some are unhealthy. Maybe Ill try eating barley some time soon. Oh, those superfoods can definitely shed out some cash out of your wallet!

Anyhow, our first stop is lunch at Soi, a Thai Restaurant in MOA.

We were pretty much full. Why wouldnt we? It was my first time in Soi. I always want to dine in a Thai resto. I loooove Thai food, but nothing beats the dried noodles in Peppy Thai Deli, a Thai resto from where I grew up, Iloilo City. For my Soi Restaurant review, you can visit it here: Catch up Dates at Soi.

After we had our lunch in MOA, we decided to check out SM Aura. I like the moderny feel of the place silver and modern and the SM Aura goddess who met us on the entrance was breathtakingly beautiful. Aside from the über posh stores that dot the mall, the oh-so-delicate smell follows you around like a pixie inside the mall. It almost smelled like a 5-star hotel.
Then we saw this cute place (Oh, for your FYI, we share a passion for cute things and craft and books. Visiting bookshops is one of our bonding moments! :)). We had cupcakes for snacks. I picked out the one with the fruits on top and I didnt like it. It has this sour, creamy taste and well, for my review just head on to Tea and Cupcakes at The Royal Cupcakes.
And thats how my day went one fine Sunday.

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