Forever Grateful

Hello there, beautiful.Im back and Im feeling oh so blessed. SUPER BLESSED actually. Ive disregarded the mishaps already. Theyre nothing compared to the outpour of blessings and positivity in my life right now.


To start with, I just had my first VISA stamped. And I just had my first international flight. My first connecting flight. My first international flight food. Lol. I am in Limerick, Ireland right now. For work. Same work. Just an offshore training.


I am here to work with a couple of Irish engineering guys. Others are Hollywood gorgeous. Lolers. And the women are soooo pretty and I like what theyre wearing. There are other nationalities who are just friendly and friendly. I even feel like a joke because I feel so small around them and I am a girl and theyre like this ENGINEERS (all caps to stress that theyre man and huge). But I feel ridiculously awesome. Also, the lady (our project manager) that I work with is just soooo sweet and gave me a very warm and lovely welcome.


What I adore being in another place is the chance of consuming different food. There are authentic sausages, lots of fresh fruits like berries, yoghurt, salmon, etc. Not that my home country lacks some of it. It just tastes different around here. Maybe I should engage in healthy living. Have to google antioxidant facts to get me going. Last night, I cooked Sinigang na Baboy with lemon as the souring ingredient. It tasted great. My housemates consumed all of it. Haha! This is another dream come true. Cooking my heart out. Yay.


With the weather here, I have to say I am living in my own fashion wonderland. I am controlling myself in buying winter clothes since I really dont need them in my home country anyway. Winter outfit in the tropics is just uhm unbearable. I bought an olive green combat boots with a fold over floral pattern. So Aria, I know, but my second outfit was Spencer-ish. The brown jacket in the first picture was from my mom. She loves getting me sort-of winter clothes.


So, when I left the Philippines, I squeezed in the Associate Financial Planner (AFP) Examination. And guess what, I passed with Distinction as my rating. Have to go make my membership official! Would never  stop learning all about Finance and help my fellow Filipinos be financially independent. Go for the passion. Always.


My professor e-mailed me. Never thought he would. He liked my term paper!  Yahoo. Hes the same professor who announced in class that Im one of the two best reporters in class. Seriously, he has inspired me in a lot of ways. I have a pending blog post in honor of my PTM class. Lol.

Thats all for now, doves. I have to go down now. My room is sooo warm now (not that I am complaining, much better than the chilling colllld night two nights ago when the heater broke) and my stomach is roaring. I always feel so hungry here. Leaving you with this Bible verse.

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