{E} is for Euphoria / April 2014 List

When it comes to achieving my dreams, I always try to feel that euphoria which comes with their perceived realization. It enables you to vision yourself being there on your cloud of choice, breathing in all that is.

To further reinforce my yearly goals, I decided to break it down a bit into monthly goals, a thing which I did previously on a secret blog because I was not open enough to share my monthly goals here. However. Now that I am serious in inspiring people and enforcing them to keep their day job while following their bliss, I want to share the things that I do in order to achieve financial independence and do the things that I really want to do in life.

So, lets start with me renewal month, April. Below is my goals for April. Short list, I may say because theres only 2 weeks left for my favorite month. At the end of each month, Im going to do an evaluation of my performance.

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