Things That Could Happen To You If You Shout Your Vision Out Loud

I used to be that kid who would keep my Britney Oops-I-did-it-again affection in secret because I was afraid my classmates would judge me. (Of course, that was before the Slave for you and the Amy Song. I want to preserve Britney in a pink spaghetti strap with a big blue beach ball pinned in between her hip and her arms.) Anyway, bullies were present in the 90s. They’re those rich kids who love signature items and whose only definition of cool is themselves.

Anyway, I’ve learned how to hip those neggies aside and flick my hair and stand up for what I believe in eversince I came to my senses. That was in high school. I flaunt my likes subtly. And up to this day, I have mastered the art of making my interests sound so cool that people who hear me talk about my interests would be convinced that I, indeed, is the epitome of a millennial go-getter. I was becoming a guru in several topics and I like the feeling, the honor and the perks it bring.

It gained me twitter followers, blogging opps and even earned me a title of a go-to resource person. Hah. That’s why I always love reading and sharing my thoughts around, especially in this blog.

So, if I have some advice to give to the younger bosses to the world, it is to shout out whatever you believe in and walk the talk. One way to do this is to wear your vision on your wrist. Literally, on your wrist like this:

You could even make your own customized motivational wristbands! Why do I encourage you to never be ashamed of what you believe in? There’s lot of things that could happen. Here are just some:
  • You get to attract people with similar causes and you get to interact with them.
  • Then maybe, you may get that start up that you are always passionate about.
  • You will be able to do the things that you love to do once in a while —
  • Paid or not, you will be able to expose yourself to a certain audience. And this is a start!
  • You may turn your side hustling of your passion into a regular thing.
  • Who knows, you might be able to work around a business plan for that?
  • You could help people like you come out in the open.
  • You could make your life a little more interesting for you (at the start) — and the people around you (it’ll come.)
  • You live out your passions and eliminate all the what if’s in your life.
  • You get to live a life that you dream of!
Promise, it’ll get big if you just keep believing in your vision everyday. It’s like giving out little magnets to the universe. Leave tracks. Leave meaningful tracks. Eventually, you will be noticed. You will be found. You will be noted. And when that time comes, give it your all.

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