5 Ways to Spend Your Days When You Have Measles

I was feeling off since Sunday. We were supposed to go to Manila to meet up with bfs friends, but I wouldnt budge from the bed. I feel sick. This lasted until Wednesday, but I was still going to work. I even worked overtime for three straight days. It was on Thursday when the red dots began to appear on my arms. Company doctor said they were allergies. He didnt even get my temperature. My friend even gave me a better diagnosis viral exanthem. She got that back in college.

Come Friday and the red dots are practically everywhere my face, legs, arms, my tummy, my neck, ugh. Its like I was bitten by ants all over my body. I filed for an SL. The good thing is they dont itch! And I get to spend 5 days my way! No work. (Yahoo!) No masteral classes. (Boo!) I was kind of excited to go listen to my teachers and this happened. So, I went to the hospital to go to a real doctor. He told me that I need to stay at home because I wouldnt find it nice if I get to infect somebody else. He told me I got German Measles, but have written acute viral exanthem on my diagnosis. See, my friend did a better job than our company doctor.

I was thinking of sneaking up to school, but okay okay. Doctor orders. I have to stay at home until Tuesday. Thats like 5 loooong days. When I think about it, I am quite thrilled. I get to stay at home and function normally. I dont have fever or anything so I could still do the things I do. I get to have that work-at-home feel. You know, preparing for the future of work-at-home-moms since that is my ultimate goal.

Anyway, this breather will allow me to catch up on my online jobs and my blogs so it kind of rocks. With these, I bring you 5 ways on how to entertain yourself if youre going to be stuck at home because you have measles. Bookmark this page in case the acute viral exanthem virus will hit you.

1.  Find a new TV show to follow.

Walking Dead is on the works right now. And so is Grimm. My video folder is empty that I am compelled I must find new tv series to follow. Im thinking of Suburgatory(my MBA prof told me I kind of look like the lead),

Penny Dreadful (Read: Josh Hartnett), Silicon Valley (coz Im an engineer). Check out their trailers below.


Silicon Valley

2.  Clean the apartment.

Sweeping the floor only for like once a week. Guilty.

Just tell me how one could manage to clean the house after arriving from work with all your brain cells on the seizure mode. I mean, I am physically and mentally drained. I cant muster up having my muscles do another thing. My secret to maintaining a clean comfort room is by doing the works by chunk. Id clean a portion on one while taking a bath. The next three days, I clean the other portion of the wall. Hah. See. I read that tip somewhere.

3.  Find things you dont have time to find on weekdays and too lazy to find on weekends. 

I am looking for the USB cable of my HDD. Geez. I havent used my external in a while so I was really wondering why it got out of my cable/headphone pouch. I gotta find you.

4.  Find time to side hustle more. 

The problem with a second active income is you still need to work after you have worked. I side hustle as a writer. Id take this opp to work during these days. I am working on my passive income, but they are just too slow for now. But, I know I am getting there. I am.  My investments are giving me coins, but Im pretty sure theyd be bills someday.

This is the time of pumping more energy to side hustles so that you can translate them into passive income generators. The faster, the better.

5.  Be a queen.

After having the whole day to yourself, doing this and that, you deserve something that would alleviate the dull, buzzing pain of staying at home not doing anything adventurous. So when bf come to visit, let him exercise his rights of being your caretaker. Give him the opportunity and honor to serve you. Relax, your measles is going away soon. Better reap the sweet, thoughtful acts intended for the sick.

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