Why I Fell In Love with Medium

Have you ever heard of Medium? Its like a more grown up Thought Catalog.This is my profile there.

And this is my first article published there. 


I Urge You to Have a Life Outside Your Day Job


Well, its a new place where you could share your story. You could sign up and share a story. The number of minutes that your readers will take in reading your whole story will be displayed on top. Im not sure what the effect of this is. Short stories call for more readers?

I have been invited to a similar start up before, but I have buried writing a contribution in my to-do list. Anyway, I think Medium is going places. For one, I have read a Medium article on my Facebook feed and it was shared on 9Gag. Its a funny piece you should read it.

10 Tricks to Appear Smart During Meetings

Here are the things which I find adorbs on Medium:

  • The fonts
  • The fact that the only available formats are the minimalistic ones
  • The huge picture heading for your article
  • The notes that your readers can leave on any line of your piece!!! (#1 reason
  • The people who write for medium (Theyre established people, start up founders, CEOs, managers, witty writers, etc.)
  • The richness of the pieces submitted on Medium
Here is my all-time favorite article as of the moment, The Career Ladder isnt the Office.
The Career Ladder Isn’t In The Office

Go visit Medium and be moved with stories great people have to tell.


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